Ensuring Floor Surface Safety - No Place for Slip-ups

We are interested to read Lucideon's guide to cleaning and maintaining slip resistant floor surfaces

Lucideon, formerly Ceram, is an independent materials development, testing and assurance company based in the UK & USA. The British Refractories Research Association was formed in 1920. The pottery industry was required by the Import Duties Advisory Committee in 1937 to create a research association, so the British Pottery Research Association was formed in 1937. The two combined in April 1948 as the British Ceramic Research Association.

Lucideon state:

Slips and trips are an important safety concern when it comes to the design and maintenance of public and commercial areas, costing UK industry in excess of £500 million a year in compensation and legal fees. While liquid spills and dust/dirt are recognised as clear hazards, the use of inappropriate cleaning agents or methods can be equally unsafe. Expert slip resistance testing and consultancy firm Ceram has produced a free guide to the implementation of effective cleaning and maintenance regimes for slip resistant floors.

The guide outlines the fundamentals of effective cleaning regimes, advises on the use of specific cleaning methods and details the correct application of different types of detergents in regular use.

"The most slip resistant surfaces can become slippery if they are not maintained appropriately," commented Lisa Cobden, Senior Consultant at Ceram. "In some cases the use of incorrect cleaning materials, or ineffective maintenance regimes, has cost organizations tens of thousands of pounds, often completely unnecessarily."

"We hope that this guidance document will provide architects, specifiers, installers and janitorial service providers with the necessary information with which to properly implement appropriate cleaning and maintenance regimes for the flooring that they are responsible for".

The guide is a free download from the Lucideon website

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