Epping to Chatswood Rail Link

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Glennon Tiles were selected for use in the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link development by Hassell and Scott Carver.

Product: Glennon Tiles various

Architect: Hassell 

Architect's statement

HASSELL designed four new, world-class stations for the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link – a A$2.35 billion expansion of Sydney’s metropolitan rail network.

For the Epping, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park and North Ryde stations, HASSELL had to address two key concerns of the New South Wales Government. 

First, how do you create stations that enhance the area around them, improving the quality of life in Australia’s biggest city? At the same time, how do you put passengers at ease when they’re underground for an extended period?

These concerns shaped our concepts from the outset, resulting in transport infrastructure that truly works for passengers and adds civic value through its outstanding architecture.

The stations are instantly recognisable – a signature for a contemporary rail system – and confidently mark their place within their local settings.

Draped in glass louvres, the entry pavilions welcome, shelter and direct passengers. They capture light by day and act as beacons by night. Like the stations themselves, these entries ‘breathe’ through a naturally ventilated solution that minimises costs and enhances amenity.

The organisation of the underground areas is simple and straightforward, seamlessly linking the sequence of spaces. Dramatic entrance caverns filled with sunlight provide a reassuring connection between the surface and the concourse far below and convey a timelessness that reinforces the importance of these contemporarypublic buildings.

The HASSELL design also turned the prevailing approach to station management on its head. The ticketing, amenities and administration functions have been located deep underground, allowing the station to be run from one central location.

The generous spaces, intuitive way finding and clarity within the concourses and platforms make the station a standoutfor underground rail. The air is clean, the temperature is mild and the acoustics are crisp.

The new stations demonstrate that travel by rail can be enjoyable, comfortable and uplifting; an urbane experience each day in a global city.

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