20: Terrazzo

Archeologists have adopted the term terrazzo to refer to early Neolithic flooring in Turkey (9,000 - 8,000BC) constructed of burnt lime and clay, colored red with ochre and polished. We more commonly know of terrazzo from it's Venetian origins in the 15th Century where workers were left with oddly shaped pieces of marble after jobs. They would put the small marble rocks in clay and grind them flat for a more comfortable walking surface. The workers used a tool called a “Galera” to allow them to grind while in a standing position. The terrazzo would only show its true color when wet until workers discovered the milk of their goats worked as a finish to allow the terrazzo to show its real color.

The Terrazzo series tiles we offer are supplied as pre finished tiles. One of the advantages of this product being supplied "pre-polished" is that the normal dramas of finishing in-situ are greatly reduced.

Note that this product is available in different formats (sizes) & finishes by special order for a minimum quantity of 400m2. The most commonly stocked product size is 400x400x18mm in polished finish

Available in formats: 300x300x16mm, 400x400x18mm, 300x600x24mm, 373x598x32mm, 400x600x24mm, 400x600x35mm, 600x600x24mm, 600x600x75mm, 400x900x30mm. Available in finishes: polished, sandblasted, brushed, honed. If you have a requirement for a special format, colour or finish - then do not hesitate to contact us.

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