20: Earth Palette Series Porcelain Tiles

Earth Palette Series Porcelain Tiles

  • Wide range of colours, textures & formats
  • Outstanding performance, strength & durability
  • Unglazed, double loaded, full body, porcelain tile
  • Rectified edge
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multiple formats & sizes
  • Suitable for internal or external use (select the appropriate tile for the application)
  • Complementing mosaic tiles

The Glennon Tiles Earth Palette series is available in thirteen colours and up to 15 different texture surface finishes, suitable for most applications. Elegant earth tones in a wide range of sizes 1200x600mm 900x600mm 800x800mm 800x400mm 600x600mm 300x600mm 400x400mm 300x300mm 150x600mm (& more).

A high quality porcelain tile , made by double loading process - where two layers of clay are pressed together and fired at high temperature to form a very solid full body porcelain tile The top layer makes up the true colour surface and finish, the bottom layer requiring less pigment additives and enabling the use of up to 15% recycled materials to the mix. Complementing mosaic tiles and highlight tiles are available.

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