The Glennon Tiles specification cart system

The Glennon Tiles specification cart is designed so that you can request additional technical information or support on any of our products. To use this system you will need to register and log in to our system (a simple process) - so we can provide you with technical information, specification support, product updates, telephone or visits from our technical team.

It works a bit like a regular shopping cart, you can tag any product with your own reference or code (for example "Base Building Lobby Floor"). For these purposes, this information is provided free of charge. You will receive an email link to the relevant files.

We ask that you provide us with your details (a simple part of the registration process) and it is helpful for us if you can also provide us with the project name and location (so we can tailor the information to best suit you). 

Of course you can always contact us directly by email sales@glennontiles.com.au or telephone +61 2 9698 2799 and we are happy to work with you to provide the information or support you may require. 

Suggested specifications

Quality. Design. Reliability. Value. Performance. Glennon Tiles is 100% Australian owned and run company specialising in ceramic wall and floor tiles from across the globe. Our success to date is based upon a reputation for excellence in quality ceramic tiles. Extensive ranges of indoor and outdoor floor and wall tiles are available to architects, designers and builders. We are able to provide expertise advice in terms of product and technical detail. Our tiles have been used in numerous major projects such as office buildings, public buildings, townhouses, schools, universities, shopping centres, hospitals, and swimming centres.

Based on our extensive experience we have prepared a series of simple suggested specifications for various project types. We present these for your consideration.

We note that project requirements can vary and we are very happy to work with you to find solutions for your specific needs beyond these suggestions - be they of a technical nature or to suit your design aesthetic.

Education facilities




Aged Care

Office buildings


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