Terrazzo GT06604 400x400x18mm light grey polished
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Terrazzo GT06604 400x400x18mm light grey polished

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Terrazzo GT06605 400x400x18mm grey polished

One of the advantages of this product is that it is supplied "pre-polished" so the normal dramas of finishing in-situ are greatly reduced

This product is made to order, there is approximate lead time of 12 weeks from confirmation and a minimum order quantity of 400m2. (as at 06/03/2018 stock on hand 400x400mm polished)

available in formats:

  • 300x300x16mm
  • 400x400x18mm (shown here)
  • 300x600x24mm
  • 373x598x32mm
  • 400x600x24mm
  • 400x600x35mm
  • 600x600x24mm
  • 600x600x75mm
  • 400x900x30mm

available in finishes:

  • polished (shown here)
  • sandblasted
  • brushed
  • honed

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